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Fratelli Piotti is located in Gardone Val Trompia, in the province of Brescia. They are widely respected as one of Italy’s top gunmakers. Their production is limited to a small number of handcrafted, best quality, double barrel shotguns and rifles. Each gun is made to individual order and carefully tailored to meet the customer’s specifications. The result is an elegant gun that is one of the best six or eight guns produced in the world today. Undoubtedly, they are the best for the price. Each action is machined from a solid billet of Boehler steel in the Piotti factory, to the most exacting specifications. These procedures, while expensive, assure that every gun meets the most demanding standards.

On all models, the action size, gun proportions and weight are proportional to the gauge. The quality of the shaping, checkering, stock, action and barrel work generally exceeds the standards achieved by London gunmakers prior to WWII. A number of features may be specified at no additional cost.

These include the stock dimensions, barrel length and chokes, the type of rib, the action finish and the weight of the gun (exceptionally light weight guns are extra).

Many other options including (but not limited to): stock ovals, inlaid initials, single trigger, two styles of hand detachable locks, automatic safety, self-opening action, drop points, recoil pad, upgraded wood, upgraded engraving, extra sets of barrels, extra forearms or a leather case may be specified.

Multi-gauge sets in .410 and 28, 28 and 20 or 20 and 16 gauge barrels are available. These guns can be built on the smaller or larger frame size, depending on the size and weight desired. The weight and balance with both sets of barrels are matched as closely as possible. A separate forearm is furnished with each set of barrels on Piotti multi-gauge sets.

The work now produced on guns by the Italian engravers is the finest ever. The engravings shown in this brochure for the various models are standard and upgraded engravings furnished on guns delivered recently. A wide variety of both ornamental and game scene engravings are available on the King Extra, Monaco and Over/Under models.

The wood used for each of the models exhibits figure and color commensurate with the quality of the gun. On all models, higher quality wood can be furnished at an extra cost. We maintain an extensive inventory of wood to enable the customer to select the wood to be used on his or her order.

_The Monaco Models

The Monaco and Over/Under models are built to the same standards and represent F.lli Piotti’s best efforts. The Monaco grade side by side guns have four different engraving patterns that are patented by Piotti. These patterns are only available on the Monaco side by side and the Over/Under models.

The Monaco No. 1, a relief, ornamental pattern of traditional Italian design. The Monaco No. 2, a complex pattern that combines elements of the best English engraving with relief carving on the fences and intricate borders.
The Monaco No. 3 is a traditional continental floral and ribbons pattern, which was made popular by the best Belgian makers. The Monaco No. 4, a pattern that represents the new era of Italian ornamental engraving.


_The King Models

The King model side by side is a best quality Holland & Holland pattern sidelock ejector double with chopper lump barrels and is available in 10, 12, 16, 20, 28 and .410 gauges.

The King #1 engraving is a very fine scroll with small floral bouquets and with full coverage on the action. The King Royal engraving is a large scroll pattern similar to a Holland & Holland Royal.
The King English has a traditional English style Rose and Scroll pattern. The Lunik model is identical to the King in all respects except that it has a unique relief ornamental scroll engraving.
The King Extra incorporates all characteristics of the model King but is furnished with one of a variety of special engravings including upgraded English styles, ornamental scroll or fine Bulino game scenes with or without gold inlays.


_The Piuma Models

The Piuma (BSEE) is a best quality boxlock ejector side-by-side of Anson & Deely design. Piotti builds this gun to the same standards or workmanship as the King model sidelock. The standard action shape, (not shown) is smooth sided and scalloped at the rear. The sculptured action features the shaping and styling similar to the sidelock models and is available with or without scalloping at the rear.

Guns with upgraded engravings are available as the Piuma Lasso, available in 10, 12, 16, 20, 28 and .410.

Piuma Lusso with special engraving and sculptured action. Piuma with standard engraving and sculptured action.


_The Hammer Gun

  The Hammer gun is Piotti’s newest venture in building a traditional double gun. The Hammer gun is available in a traditional design or a self-cocking ejector model. Piotti offers a tang safety as an option


As an extra cost option for the side by side sidelock models, a side lever opening system can be specified.

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